DIY:Grocery Store Cake Makeover


Let’s be honest, I go to birthday’s for the cake. Let me clarify that sentence, If I go to a birthday party and the cake is mediocre, I leave saying that was an “alright” birthday. On the other hand, if the cake is amazing but the party is boring, I still think of it as a fun party! Basically, the dessert is the most important part of a gathering. Here is another moment of truth: grocery store cakes can seriously be insanely yummy and better than homemade! In order to keep my love for grocery store cakes, but attempt to make something on my own I redesigned an already made cake. I decided to go with the rustic “naked” cake and added fresh flowers to top it off, for a stylish cake with a classy twist.

There are a few ways you can do this, one you can buy the cake and scrape off all of the icing and multicolored sprinkles or floral design. The second wayand less time consuming would be to ask the bakery if they can provide you with a plain cake with little to no icing. I was able to do the latter and only had to scrape off some parts rather than the whole cake.


You will need a frosting spatula, or a tool similar to that in order to scrape off the icing without digging into the cake (pro tip: if you dig into the cake, just patch it up with some frosting!). I also used frosting in order to even out certain areas to make it look more coherent and evenly “naked”. I then put a small piece of plastic wrap or parchment paper on the top of the cake to help with taking the flowers off and not letting the whole flower touch the cake. I was a little iffy about not knowing if the flowers were pesticide-free or not, but then I remembered we have probably consumed way worse things and should be fine! At this point, just decorate the cake however you desire! If it’s a birthday, maybe add a few decorative candles or a cute banner. The possibilities are endless.

I actually took my cake to a graduation dinner for my bestie, and everyone asked where I purchased the cake. I didn’t lie and say some cool bakery, I mean even if I did the truth would have come out right nowhow awkward! nonetheless, taking 20-30 minutes to redecorate a grocery store cake saved me when I couldn’t find a decent one at the last minute. The cake tasted and looked greatthus making it a successful party!


A Trendy Mama


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