DIY:Grocery Store Cake Makeover


Let’s be honest, I go to birthday’s for the cake. Let me clarify that sentence, If I go to a birthday party and the cake is mediocre, I leave saying that was an “alright” birthday. On the other hand, if the cake is amazing but the party is boring, I still think of it as a fun party! Basically, the dessert is the most important part of a gathering. Here is another moment of truth: grocery store cakes can seriously be insanely yummy and better than homemade! In order to keep my love for grocery store cakes, but attempt to make something on my own I redesigned an already made cake. I decided to go with the rustic “naked” cake and added fresh flowers to top it off, for a stylish cake with a classy twist. Continue reading “DIY:Grocery Store Cake Makeover”