Kale Tabbouleh

As most of you know, I am Lebanese—and what do we Lebanese people love? Food. A staple to every gathering has to be some sort of food, whether it is savory or sweet. One can not simply “drop by” and not eat or drink something. Even if you are in a rush, you must at least take something to go! I could rant about this subject for hours ( I actually centered an entire final project on this subject alone in college). However, what you are really here for is my Kale Tabbouleh Recipe.


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DIY:Grocery Store Cake Makeover


Let’s be honest, I go to birthday’s for the cake. Let me clarify that sentence, If I go to a birthday party and the cake is mediocre, I leave saying that was an “alright” birthday. On the other hand, if the cake is amazing but the party is boring, I still think of it as a fun party! Basically, the dessert is the most important part of a gathering. Here is another moment of truth: grocery store cakes can seriously be insanely yummy and better than homemade! In order to keep my love for grocery store cakes, but attempt to make something on my own I redesigned an already made cake. I decided to go with the rustic “naked” cake and added fresh flowers to top it off, for a stylish cake with a classy twist. Continue reading “DIY:Grocery Store Cake Makeover”