Eliana Turned Six Months Old


Six characteristics I have learned about myself in these past six months of having a baby:

  • Selflessness

Everything that was important to me can be put on the back burner. Sometimes basic needs like eating, sleeping, or even using the restroom have been forgotten about–just to keep her happy and entertained. I don’t resent this fact and that itself truly amazes me.

  • Happiness

I have discovered the truest form of happiness in life through her eyes. Happiness to me is found in her smiles and laughter. She has made me live life so much more positively.

  • Patience

I am still struggling with this one a bit, but I have definitely grown and noticed that not everything goes as planned. I have become patient at the hardest times (like 4 in the morning). I have become patient when I don’t know the reason or solution behind every cry. I have become patient because she is worth the wait and struggle.

  • Fear

I had always listed one of my greatest fears to be losing someone close to me, but never knew that after having her this would be multiplied by millions. Sometimes the fear of mundane things like getting sick can worry me, let alone the fact that we are living in a world with horrible people and circumstances. I always pray that God will keep her and all children safe and out of harm’s way, but the fear of even a hair touching her can spiral me crazy.

  • Ignorance

Yes, ignorance is bliss in most cases but not with a baby. There were so many things I had not known and not enough time to research. But she taught me them all, she educated me more than anyone can.

  • Fulfillment

I have found fulfillment in life by just being her mother. I always thought I would have to travel the world, buy nice things, or have a successful and high paying career to lead a perfect lifestyle. She brings me all of these things (all cheesiness aside, she really does!). I love traveling as much as the next person, but seeing her milestones unfold in front of me is the best scenery possible. Thank you Eliana, for showing me life’s greatest treasure without even having to leave our home.



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