Eliana Turned Six Months Old


Six characteristics I have learned about myself in these past six months of having a baby:

  • Selflessness

Everything that was important to me can be put on the back burner. Sometimes basic needs like eating, sleeping, or even using the restroom have been forgotten about–just to keep her happy and entertained. I don’t resent this fact and that itself truly amazes me.

  • Happiness

I have discovered the truest form of happiness in life through her eyes. Happiness to me is found in her smiles and laughter. She has made me live life so much more positively. Continue reading “Eliana Turned Six Months Old”


Eliana’s First Feeding & Nurture Life

Although there is a lot of speculation on when solid’s should be introduced to a baby, we decided four months was the perfect time for Eliana. I knew that there are a few basic cues on whether a baby is ready for solid foods. One of which, is whether they are showing interest in food. In my case, Eliana was literally following the utensil from my plate to my mouth every time I was eating in front of her! I guess you could say that was a big check! Another major aspect to make sure of, is if a baby can sit up on their own with little to no help. Once I noticed that Eliana was definitely showing interest and seemed ready I of course then consulted with her Pediatrician. At her four month checkup we were given the green light, and went straight to Whole Food’s to get organic everything! (this could be considered excessive—first time parents am I right? We can buy normal veggies for our second child).


We started off with three days of rice cereal since this was recommended by our Pediatrician. After that, the fun began! We tried carrots next, and let me tell you Eliana LOVES carrots. I was actually a little sad since she seemed to love them more than me. After carrots we tried zucchini which was a hit, but not as amazing as carrots of course. The one thing I strived for was to make sure I pureed Eliana’s fruits and vegetables at home and to not use store bought baby food (at least for now). This seems very simple, except for when you are a working mama you tend to not have time to even cook your own dinner! That is when I found Nurture Life. Continue reading “Eliana’s First Feeding & Nurture Life”

Four Tips for Returning to Work After Maternity Leave

I can truly say that having Eliana has been the most amazing, and life changing event I have experienced. From the moment I saw her, I knew that there was no way in hell I was going back to work. Leaving her even for a minute to use the restroom felt like an eternity, imagine going back to my 8-5 work schedule. Fast forward 4 months in; I am working my 8-5 and it actually doesn’t feel like an eternity.

I started my maternity leave a few days before my due date, thinking “oh, she will for sure come any minute!”. Little did I know, Eliana was already showing off her stubborn personality and only wanted to come out on her terms. I do have to say that starting my maternity leave a week before her arrival was actually a great idea. That week was filled with date nights, relaxation, and binge watching Netflix (something that is hard to do these days). Continue reading “Four Tips for Returning to Work After Maternity Leave”