The Gift of Time

Frankie Jord Watch

To my husband,
You have been beyond amazing on this journey of becoming a parent. We both knew how much we loved kids and wanted a big family, but we didn’t fully know what life with a newborn encompasses. These past five months have been a learning experience to say the least, where we also learned about each other. Your patience and strength through those sleepless nights of listening to our crying and gassy baby have kept me grounded. Even when I could no longer keep my emotions in tact and end up crying with her, you have parented me and kept me strong. I more than ever needed you to be my rock, and there you were ready to handle every situation when I no longer could. I want to thank you, because frankly I just don’t say it enough! We tend to forget to thank those that deserve it the most simply because we see them on a day to day basis. Thank you for being the husband I always dreamed of. Thank you for putting up with me when I can’t even stand myself. Thank you for being a great father and support system for our family.

We love you more than words,

Reem and Baby Eliana

Frankie Jord Watch

Jord Watch-Frankie 

Sometimes we need to give gifts “just because”, not for any holidays, events, or birthdays, simply without reason. I gifted my husband, Bilal, a Jord Watch because he deserves it. A watch that is made from 100% natural hand-finished wood and a slim design that makes for a sexy finish. Now that I gifted Bilal this watch, I want to give you all the same gift. Enter my giveaway at and you can win $100 towards a Jord Watch of your choice! Everyone who enters will receive a $25 gift code once the contest ends, just for participating.

Frankie Jord Watch
Jord Watch-Frankie 
Luxury Wooden Watch


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