DIY:Grocery Store Cake Makeover


Let’s be honest, I go to birthday’s for the cake. Let me clarify that sentence, If I go to a birthday party and the cake is mediocre, I leave saying that was an “alright” birthday. On the other hand, if the cake is amazing but the party is boring, I still think of it as a fun party! Basically, the dessert is the most important part of a gathering. Here is another moment of truth: grocery store cakes can seriously be insanely yummy and better than homemade! In order to keep my love for grocery store cakes, but attempt to make something on my own I redesigned an already made cake. I decided to go with the rustic “naked” cake and added fresh flowers to top it off, for a stylish cake with a classy twist. Continue reading “DIY:Grocery Store Cake Makeover”


Eliana Turned Six Months Old


Six characteristics I have learned about myself in these past six months of having a baby:

  • Selflessness

Everything that was important to me can be put on the back burner. Sometimes basic needs like eating, sleeping, or even using the restroom have been forgotten about–just to keep her happy and entertained. I don’t resent this fact and that itself truly amazes me.

  • Happiness

I have discovered the truest form of happiness in life through her eyes. Happiness to me is found in her smiles and laughter. She has made me live life so much more positively. Continue reading “Eliana Turned Six Months Old”